The Revenge Sex Series

A set of stories on the theme of sex and revenge:

"Good girls may go to heaven, but smart girls give bad boys hell"

Things seem to be looking up for Susan when she gets a new boss. Mark is handsome, athletic and clearly is interested in more than just her job performance. A shared interest in illicit sex in career threatening locations seems promising, but Susan has a troubled past that has left her with zero tolerance for anyone who tries to take advantage. Mark is about to discover that crossing her could mean that sorry really is the hardest word.

When Traci bumps into Tommy unexpectedly on a transatlantic flight, over a decade after she last saw him, she finds that the flames that burned so brightly all that time ago are still smouldering for her. But when he doesn’t even recognise her the memories of what drove them apart come flooding back. Is this really just pure coincidence or fate lending a hand so she can finally settle the account? Does it matter if revenge is served hot or cold, and why shouldn’t she have a little fun along the way?

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Coming soon - hotter than the sun and cooler than the arctic.

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